All of Candice’s works for BrightView — sans internal communications — are found categorized in this section.

BrightView Press Releases & News Stories

BrightView Teams with USGBC on Project Haiti — September 9, 2016
BrightView Employee Saves Woman from Burning Building — September 20, 2016
Bridgeport Team Helps Restore School Playground — September 20, 2016
‘Hawaii’s Most Over the Top Resorts’ List Features Two BrightView Hotels — October 4, 2016
Teams Rally to Clean Up Southeast after Hurricane Matthew — October 13, 2016
BrightView Enterprise Solutions Manager Visits China to Present on Sustainable Landscaping — October 19, 2016
Greenville Team Volunteers at Julie Valentine Center in South Carolina — October 19, 2016
BrightView Golf Maintenance Partners with Two Premier Clubs in California — October 21, 2016
BrightView Cares for, Replants Century-Old Saguaros in Arizona — October 31, 2016
BrightView Transports, Installs Chicago Christmas Tree — November 21, 2016
Smokies Stadium Wins Field of the Year Honors after BrightView Renovations — December 14, 2016

BrightView Develops, Maintains Landscape at ‘The Cannery’ — January 20, 2017
BrightView Projects Recognized with Awards in Design, Development and Maintenance — March 3, 2017
BrightView Teams Respond to Winter Storm Stella — March 17, 2017
BrightView Installing Parks, Streetscapes for One of the Largest Master-Planned Urban Communities — April 17, 2017
BrightView Tree Company Relocates 700,000-Pound Oak — May 16, 2017
Anaheim Hills Golf Course Wins Certification by Audubon International — June 19, 2017
BrightView Team Members Rally to Install Landscaping for Decorated U.S. Army Soldier — June 28, 2017
Bowman Field Shines in Inaugural MLB “Little League Classic” Game — August 28, 2017
Major Hurricanes Cause Devastation, Destruction to Southern States, Puerto Rico — September 22, 2017
BrightView Team Members Rescue Neighbors in Houston — September 22, 2017
BrightView Branch in Texas Works Out of Pickup Trucks after Harvey — September 22, 2017
New Landscape Saves Water, Money for Arizona Community — October 10, 2017


Candice sometimes serves as the editor for BrightView videos, taking footage given to her by the company and putting it together for use internally and externally. Here are videos she has edited for the company to release publicly.

BrightView Reconstructs Field Ahead of MLB’s Little League Classic — June 23, 2017
MLB Little League Classic – Bowman Field Time-lapse — August 14, 2017
Team Rescues Neighbors after Hurricane Harvey — September 22, 2017

Ask BrightView

Candice is co-producer and co-cinematographer for BrightView’s Ask BrightView video series. She helps find BrightView subject matter experts across the country and travels to their location to film them discussing a certain topic the general public would be interested to know or would like to learn.

How do I make sure I’m buying a healthy plant? — March 9, 2017
How do I properly plant a tree or a shrub? — March 23, 2017
What goes into maintaining a perfect putting surface? — April 3, 2017
When can I fertilize my lawn and how do I choose the correct one? — April 19, 2017
What is the difference between irrigation sprinkler heads? — May 4, 2017
How do I plant in a pot? — May 19, 2017
What should I consider when selecting plants? — June 2, 2017
How do I make a proper pruning cut on a tree? — June 15, 2017
What should I do with my grass clippings? — June 29, 2017
Do I need to regularly check my irrigation system? — July 7, 2017
What is the stuff growing on the side of my tree? — July 20, 2017
How does a tree’s root system form and what is its purpose? — July 27, 2017
Is it beneficial to have a turf lawn? — August 30, 2017
Why should I trim my trees and when is the best time to do it? — September 21, 2017
Which fall flowers should I choose for my landscape? — October 20, 2017
What goes into installing a MLB pitching mound? — October 25, 2017