All of Candice’s works for BrightView — sans internal communications — are found categorized in this section.

BrightView Press Releases

BrightView Golf Maintenance Partners with Two Premier Clubs in California – October 21, 2016

BrightView Cares for, Replants Century-Old Saguaros in Arizona – October 21, 2016

BrightView Transports, Installs Chicago Christmas Tree – November 18, 2016

Smokies Stadium Wins Field of the Year Honors after BrightView Renovations – December 13, 2016

BrightView Develops, Maintains Landscape at ‘The Cannery’ – January 27, 2017

BrightView Teams Honored with Awards in Design, Development and Maintenance – March 3, 2017

Ask BrightView

Candice is co-producer and co-cinematographer for BrightView’s Ask BrightView series.