BrightView Develops, Maintains Landscape at ‘The Cannery’

This article is a press release written for BrightView.
A farm-to-table community in California, known as The Cannery, features open spaces taking up nearly a third of its 100 acres. (BrightView)

The Cannery is the state’s first farm-to-table new home community where residents have access to a 7.4-acre working farm on location that, in turn, feeds the community and creates a sustainable lifestyle.

The New Home Company took an old facility – a tomato cannery – and proposed an entire development that is green and sustainable,” said Sales/Client Representative John Escudero, of BrightView Landscape Development. “It’s a great and innovative community.”

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BrightView has worked with The New Home Co. in the past and, four years ago, the homebuilder and land developer reached out to BrightView to be a part of The Cannery project.

Nearly a third of The Cannery’s 100-acre development is dedicated to open space featuring parks, fields, and picnic areas. Each of the homes in the community will be no more than 300 feet from open space or park. The community is also covered with multi-use pathways and seating across greenbelts and community buffers. 

“BrightView installed the infrastructures, streetscapes, Farm House, the farm, and even bee hives and bird houses,” Escudero said.

It took BrightView close to a year to finish its portion of the community, which also included installing stabilized gravel.

“Instead of using sidewalks everywhere, we used stabilized gravel, which is gravel with an additive in it so that it doesn’t shift around under your feet,” Escudero said. “It feels like compacted dirt, but it gives you that crunch as you’re walking around.”

Stabilized gravel not only gives the sometimes satisfying gravel crunch, but it also prevents ruts and weeds and is permeable, making it an eco-friendly solution to cement, concrete, or brick.

So far, the community has five active neighborhoods with more in the works.

With The Cannery’s already unique concept, BrightView’s Development team was able to take part in some unique creations.

“The farm element, bee hives, and bird houses were cool,” Escudero said. “They were all done in the theme of farmhouse architecture.”

Once BrightView Landscape Development finished its portion, BrightView Landscape Maintenance took over and continues to maintain and enhance The Cannery’s flourishing landscape.


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