Battlefield Adventures


Though Candice may be enthralled with the Civil War, she would never say no to visiting other battlefields throughout the country — and hopefully one day throughout the world.

Here are the places she’s been to so far.

Battle of Concord

American Revolution
April 19, 1775
Concord, Mass.


Battle of Bunker Hill

American Revolution
June 17, 1775
Charlestown, Mass.


Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware River

American Revolution
December 25, 1776
Washington’s Crossing, Pa.


Battle of Trenton

American Revolution
December 6, 1776
Trenton, N.J.

Battle of Assunpink Creek

American Revolution
January 2, 1777
Trenton, N.J.

Valley Forge Encampment

American Revolution
December 19, 1777 – June 18, 1778
Valley Forge, Pa.