Lighthouses have always been something Candice loves to see whenever she’s along a coastline. There was always something majestic behind these tall and often historic wonders.

See which ones she has visited.

Alcatraz Island Lighthouse

First Lit: 1909
Height: 84 feet
Location: San Francisco Bay, California

Amelia Island Lighthouse

First Lit: 1839
Height: 64 feet
Location: Fernandina Beach, Florida

Cape May Lighthouse

First Lit: 1962
Height: 140 feet
Location: Cape May, New Jersey

Charleston Lighthouse

First Lit: 1962
Height: 140 feet
Location: Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

First Lit: 1857
Height: 79 feet
Location: Bristol, Maine

Point Fermin Lighthouse

First Lit: 1874
Height: 30 feet
Location: San Pedro, California

Portland Breakwater Lighthouse

First Lit: 1875
Height: 30 feet
Location: South Portland, Maine

Portland Head Lighthouse

First Lit: 1791
Height: 101 feet
Location: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse

First Lit: 1905
Height: 77 feet
Location: Casco Bay, Maine

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

First Lit: 1897
Height: 54 feet
Location: South Portland, Maine

St. Augustine Lighthouse

First Lit: 1874
Height: 165 feet
Location: St. Augustine, Florida