2016 Democratic National Convention


Here is a collection of all the pieces Candice did for the 2016 Democratic National Convention from July 25 through 28 in Philadelphia, Pa.


DNC_ClintonIs a choice no choice at all? Many voters believe it
July 25, 2016

“Presidential politics is dominating the news, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, TV or newspapers.

“Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have many people debating which, if either, are fit to run the country.

“‘We’ve never had a situation where both candidates have such high negatives,’ said John Kennedy, associate professor in the Political Science department at West Chester University. ‘Will it play out like this in November? That remains to be seen. We have four months to go and perhaps one of the campaigns will be able to improve their numbers and there is just so much unpredictability…'”

DNC_RendellCalling for an end to gun violence before another tragedy at DNC
July 25, 2016

“All around Pennsylvania, the common sight of the American flag at half-mast can be seen all over due to the recent and seemingly never-ending shooting incidents throughout the country.

“A cry for action was heard inside the National Museum of American Jewish History Monday afternoon with multiple groups and leaders calling for an end to gun violence.

“‘It’s time we got that flag raised and we start saving lives,’said state Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-153rd. ‘Every single day in America, 91 people die of gun violence. Two-thirds of those souls are from suicide. That is 33,000 people a year. It’s a stunning statistic – it makes no sense…'”

ButtigiegIndiana mayor tells Pennsylvania delegates that GOP VP pick Pence is ‘extreme’
July 26, 2016

“The Pennsylvania Delegation breakfast Tuesday morning saved the most impactful guest speaker for last as an mayor from Indiana gave some information on his governor — and Republican vice presidential candidate — Mike Pence.

“‘(I wanted) to let you all know a little bit about the Republican Party’s vice presidential nominee from the front lines of somebody who has been working to lead a city in Indiana,’said Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend. ‘I don’t think that most Americans are aware of just how extreme he is. We’re talking probably the most extreme ideological pick in my lifetime. There would be very serious consequences to having him as Vice President, especially in a presidency like what Donald Trump has in mind.’

“As the mayor of South Bend, Buttigieg has turned the city around from being listed in a magazine as one of the 10 American dying cities the week he entered the race five years ago to now having the city’s largest population growth in a quarter century…”

MuseumsEver want to see an ex-president’s hair? Philly museums host special exhibits for DNC
July 27, 2016

“As delegates flood in the City of Brotherly Love, many museums in Philadelphia are hosting special exhibits, hours or having special admission fees during the four-day Democratic National Convention.

“Exhibits don’t get more unique – or gross, depending on how a person may view it – than ‘Presidential Archives’at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

“The exhibit features presidential letters, fossils and … hair. Actual locks of hair from the nation’s earliest presidents…”

BrazileDNC interim chair recognizes women breaking barriers during caucus
July 27, 2016

“The chant of ‘Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!’could be heard ringing through the halls of the terrace level of the Pennsylvania Convention Center as women of all ages and races attended the Women’s Caucus Tuesday morning, July 26.

“It was coming from the pumped up crowd from Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, who was calling upon the women of the past who have broken down gender barriers in American history and will do so again Tuesday night with the first female presidential nominee.

“‘Thank you all for being here at this historic moment,’Brazile said. ‘It is a historic moment — 240 years ago, Abigail Adams told her husband, the future president, ‘Remember the ladies.’ Abigail probably didn’t know those three words … would be echoed this year, at this moment, in Philadelphia…'”

ComittaConventioneers enjoying being a part of history
July 28, 2016

“It is one thing to watch history unfold before your eyes, but for two well-known Chester County residents, they have been fortunate enough to take part in history at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

“Tuesday night, the delegates officially nominated Hillary Clinton as their candidate for president, making her the first female to run for the office from one of the two major parties in the United States and Wednesday, the two county residents heard from both the president and vice president in their speeches to the convention.

“Kathi Cozzone, a delegate from the 6th District and a Chester County Commissioner, was awestruck being in the Wells Fargo Center to hear President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden speak on the third night of the Democratic National Convention…”

DNC55Group attempts to get youth out to voting booths
July 28, 2016

“For the first time in 112 years, the Committee of Seventy, a nonpartisan advocacy group for better government, has produced a play.

“Working with Philadelphia playwrite David Bradley, ‘Voices of Voting’ was performed numerous times over the first three days of the Democratic National Convention at the Science Leadership Academy.

“‘We’re thrilled about (the play),’ said Patrick Christmas, the policy program manager for the Committee of Seventy. ‘(There were) 11 shows in three days…'”

Hillary_Clinton1Local Democrats bask in the historic glow as Hillary Clinton starts run for president
July 29, 2016

“On a historic night in South Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to accept the major party nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention.

“‘So I want to tell you tonight how we’re going to empower all Americans to live better lives,’Clinton, the former first lady, said in her acceptance speech. ‘My primary mission as President will be to create more opportunity and more good jobs with rising wages right here in the United States. From my first day in office to my last. Especially in places that for too long have been left out and left behind. From our inner cities to our small towns, Indian Country to Coal Country.  From the industrial Midwest to the Mississippi Delta to the Rio Grande Valley.’

“Her speech drew high praise from local delegates in attendance…”


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