Tiernan, Shaw, Tabakin, Herrmann win in West Chester

This article can be found published on the Daily Local News‘ website.
(Daily Local News)

(Daily Local News)

WEST CHESTER — Incumbent Democrat Sue Tiernan will remaining on the West Chester Area School Board after taking 3,411 votes in election Tuesday. Joining her from Region 1 of the district is fellow Democrat Kate Shaw, who received 3,282 votes, beating out Republicans Vince Paul with 2,201 votes and Debra Maccariella with 2,273 votes.

Meanwhile, in Region 2 of the district, Republicans Karen Herrmann and Christopher Tabakin won the two open seats with 3,901 and 3,692 votes, respectively.

They defeated Democrats Matthew Morley, who had 2,688 votes, and Samantha Bloom with 2,848 votes.

“We are grateful for all the support we received from the voters of West Chester and West Goshen,” Tiernan said of her and Shaw’s victory. “We will work hard to ensure the children of the West Chester Area School District continue to receive an outstanding education the community can afford.”

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Tiernan is continuing a family tradition of not only attending West Chester schools, as her mother, herself, her daughters and even two of her granddaughters have done, but also being a school director on the board.

Shaw, who is currently the executive director of an educational research firm in Philadelphia, has spent a lot of time in education as well.

“I believe that I have a lot to offer the school board,” she said before the election.

“I have spent the last 30 years in the field of education and we are so happy to receive bipartisan support,” Tabakin said of his and Herrmann’s victories. “The voters’ confidence in us as candidates is humbling and we look forward to serving. We plan to continue our campaign strategy of listening to the needs of students, teachers, families and taxpayers of East Goshen and West Whiteland townships and maintaining transparency for our constituents because they deserve it.

“The race was about excellent education for students and effective use of our tax dollars. We feel the voters connected with that and that was represented at the polls.”

Herrmann, a former teacher, wanted the opportunity to once again make a difference. “I want to continue making a difference in the lives of students and this can be accomplished by working collaboratively with all school board members,” she said before the election.

All results are unofficial until certified.


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