2 Vying for Westtown supervisors spots

This article can be found published on the Daily Local News‘ website.
(Daily Local News)

(Daily Local News)

WESTTOWN — Two residents are vying for the Township Board of Supervisors’ one seat in the general election Nov. 3.

Fighting for the spot are incumbent Carol De Wolf and John Embick.

Carol De Wolf (R)

De Wolf is married with two children.

She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Environmental Planning, attended the University of Colorado Denver Graduate School of Public Affairs and Kutztown University. She also has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Political Science, with a focus on public policy. She currently is director of the Natural Lands Trust, Schuylkill Highlands Partnership.

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Inspiration to run: “Years back, I began serving the residents of Westtown when the Westtown Citizens for Responsible Growth was created to ensure that resident voices on planning and development issues were heard. Now, various issues that face Westtown, from planning to police, parks to historic resources, roads and traffic and
making good, sound choices to maintain the quality of life we so enjoy in Westtown moved me to seek re-election.”

Why this position: “As an incumbent, I would like to continue to ensure that the quality of place is sustained, and that we continue to maintain our open space and at the same time, make sound economic development choices in our transportation corridors, maintain our agricultural lands of Westtown and ensure resident voices are heard and acted upon and exercise being great stewards of this place we call home, Westtown Township.”

Main issue: “I am not a one-issue candidate. There are many important issues before the township at this time, which demand our attention. I believe resident concerns, issues and ideas matter. I am an active listener and consider all voices before making decisions that impact our residents. I am transparent, fiscally conservative and prudent in spending taxpayers’ dollars. Going forward, we must work jointly with our citizens and be responsive to their desires and needs and, most importantly, to the costs passed to them. I recently lowed the on-lot sewer fees, which exceeded the cost of the program, which residents desired to have lowered.”

Conflicts: “I believe residents strongly desire for our local government to control its spending and keep our increasing financial obligations in check, not continue to add fees for this and that. Westtown is well positioned to meet our obligations without tax increases to our residents with continued sound fiscal choices made.”

Experience: “My profession is working with municipalities to advance planning and I have over 30 years of public policy and planning experiences, from public works to planning. I was first elected to the board in 2003, having served on the Planning Commission prior. I also served for years on the West Chester Regional Planning Commission, completing regional studies. I currently serve as Westtown’s representative on the West Chester Area Council of Governments, the board of the Chester County Association of Township Officials and West Chester University’s new Center for Community Solutions Team.”

Why you: “I have the leadership qualities and experiences to ensure that open, honest and transparent conversations lead us to thoughtful choices on behalf of the residents of Westtown. I am fiscally conservative with prudent spending of taxpayer dollars, environmentally responsible and have business acumen to serve our Westtown community.”

John Embick (D)

Embick is married with two children.

He attended Radnor High School, Dickinson College and George Washington University Law. He is currently an attorney and owns John R. Embick, PLLC, in West Chester.

Inspiration to run: “My desire for public service.”

Why this position: “I think I can help Westtown Township carry out its functions in a more efficient and more transparent manner.”

Main issue: “My main issue is transparency. Recent decisions of the township supervisors demonstrate, in my opinion, lack of transparency.”

Conflicts: “One of the more recent ones has to do with the township’s stated intention to appoint a sewer advisory committee. After indicating that a sewer committee would be formed, the supervisors have refused, and have given no good reasons, in my opinion, about this.”

Experience: “I am an attorney with expertise in environmental law. I have represented boards and townships in many different matters, and so have insight about the problems and solutions they face.”

Why you: “I bring useful tools, capabilities and knowledge to the job of supervisor.”


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