Chester County Book Company holds Teacher’s Tea for local teachers and librarians

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Local teachers and librarians took part in Teacher’s Tea at the Chester County Book Store where they were able to meet an author and representatives from publishers on Wednesday. (Candice Monhollan)

Local teachers and librarians took part in Teacher’s Tea at the Chester County Book Store where they were able to meet an author and representatives from publishers on Wednesday. (Candice Monhollan)

WEST GOSHEN — It was almost like a scene out of “Alice in Wonderland” with tea cups and teapots, with little finger foods set up as well, all set-up in the middle of tables strewn with information on educational books.

But it wasn’t down a rabbit hole, but instead amid rows of books inside the Chester County Book Company as they held a Teacher’s Tea Wednesday afternoon.

“We just want to reach out to teachers and make sure they’re aware of the books that we have and that we’re really excited to work with them for the coming school year,” said Andrea Kiliany Thatcher, director of social media at the store. “Any teacher or librarian can come.”

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The event, which is the second annual for the book store, but first with the tea format, brought out representatives from different publishers to promote books for the fall and spring.

“We’re going to present books we feel fall into the categories for teachers,” said Jim DiMiero, Eastern regional account representative for Barron’s Educational. “Barron’s is known for test preps, so I’m going to mention that there’s a new SAT test that will be given in the spring, so there is a whole new series of test preps for that.”

After each representative had their time to talk, the floor was open for anyone to ask questions, which DiMiero felt was important.

“After we do our little spiel, we’ll be able to sit with them and talk with them individually about what their needs are,” he said. “Sometimes we bring them back to the publishing houses.”

Having the publishers come out gave the teachers an opportunity not always afforded to them.

“It’s kind of rare for teachers to hear direct from the publisher face-to-face,” Kiliany Thatcher said. “They get a catalog and flip through and it might be hard to make your choice. Hopefully that’s what we’ll be able to provide today.”

The book store reached out to the local libraries and districts, but also extended the invite to areas outside of Chester County as well.

“I’m in a high school library, so it’s nice to see what the publishers have coming out to recommend to students and decide if it would be a good purchase for the library,” said Amy Pickett, librarian at Ridley High School in Delaware County.

The teachers and librarians were also treated to a visit by a local author, Jen Bryant.

Bryant has authored nonfiction picture books, novels and poetry.

“I do school visits and write for children and young adults,” she said. “The content and age group is really relevant to what they’re doing.”

Not only does she write for school-age children, but she has a common connection because she is a former teacher.

“Before I was a full-time writer, I was a teacher myself and the bar has just been raised since then,” Bryant said. “There’s more to do all the time and more stuff coming at you all the time. This is a really wonderful opportunity to meet them as people outside of their classroom.”

On top of everything else, the Chester County Book Company gave each teacher and librarian in attendance some freebies as a thank you.

“We have some classroom supplies to give away and different swag for the teachers,” Kiliany Thatcher said. “They, of course, also get a discount today.”

Even with all the technology out there, Bryant felt that having some in-person time with the teachers and librarians is more influential than anything else.

“The information age is a mixed blessing,” she said. “There is so much thrown at us and there are so many choices. Anytime you can make something personal, it makes more of an impact.”


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