9 of 10 WCASD school board candidates win spot

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(Daily Local News)

WEST CHESTER — There may have been 10 candidates dispersed between the three regions of the West Chester Area School District for a seat on the school board, but nine of the 10 have won a spot on either the Democratic or Republican ballot for the general election in November.

For the Democratic side, Gary Bevilacqua, Kate Shaw, Sue Tiernan, Samantha Bloom and Matthew Morley will be on the Democratic ballot.

For the Republican side, Bevilacqua, Vince Paul, Debra Maccariella, Karen Herrmann and Christopher Tabakin will be on the Republican ballot.

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In Region 1 for Democrats (two seats), the team of Shaw and Tiernan secured 2,515 votes between the two of them (1,257 and 1,258 respectively) while opponent Paul received just 7 percent of the votes in that party — Maccariella was only on the Republican ballot.

“Sue and I are really pleased at the results,” Shaw said. “We feel that together, we bring an incredible amount of educational experience that really sets us apart from some other candidates.”

Tiernan added, “Kate and I took the popular vote. We believe the school board is no place for party politics.”

On the Republican side, Tiernan garnered 485 votes, or 20 percent, while Shaw took 371, or 15 percent — an impressive amount in their eyes considering Paul had 35 percent of the vote as Maccariella had 29 percent.

“We were really thrilled to see how many votes we got from Republicans,” Shaw said. “It’s heartening to see that because we don’t see the school board race as a partisan situation. What we want to do and look to do is bring respect and sanity to the school board and to continue working with the school board and the superintendent to keep the district moving in the right direction and it’s nice to see that lots of Republicans agreed with us.”

The two may have gotten more votes than maybe they expected on the Republican side, but Paul and Maccariella still won their spots on the ballot.

Paul’s 839 votes were best with Maccariella behind him with 694 votes.

“I am privileged to win the support of the voters,” Maccariella said. “I look forward to the fall campaign and I would be honored if I were the candidate chosen to represent my region.”

Paul was happy with how things finished on the Republican ballot.

“I’m pleased with the results of (Tuesday’s) primary election,” Paul said. “I appreciate all the voter support. I have a lot of people helping out and doing a lot. I appreciate their time and support, particular those who voted for me.”

In Region 2 (two seats) for the Democrats, Bloom and Morley were the only two and they collected 821 and 778 votes, respectively, with 20 write-in votes.

“Matt and I would like to thank everyone who came out to vote (Tuesday), as well as the dozens of polling place volunteers,” Bloom said.

The two were also able to get some Republican support as well. Bloom received 411 votes, or 11 percent, while Morley had 501 votes, or 14 percent.

“On the Republican ticket, we got over 25 percent of the votes,” Morley said. “We’re quite pleased with that result.”

Herrmann and Tabakin, who only ran on the Republican ticket, will do the same come November.

Hermann had 1,404 votes, or 39 percent, while Tabakin had 1,322 votes, or 36 percent.

In Region 3 (one seat), Bevilacqua and Matthew Illich went head-to-head.

On the Democratic ballot, Bevilacqua dominated with 683 votes, or 84 percent, to Illich’s 129, or 16 percent.

On the opposite side, Bevilacqua kept it very close with 761, or 48 percent, to Illich’s 805, or 51 percent.

However, Region 3 also had precincts in Thornbury Township Delaware County.

Bevilacqua received 96 votes on the Democratic ballot and 288 on the Republican ballot. Illich received 35 on the Democratic ballot and 204 on the Republican ballot.

With totals from both counties, Bevilacqua appeared to have 779 Democratic votes and 1,049 Republican votes while Illich had 164 Democratic votes and 1,009 Republican votes.

If that holds true, Bevilacqua should run unopposed on both ballots in November.

All results are unofficial until certified.


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