Player of the Year: Doucette a freshman wonder

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Madison Doucette (Candice Monhollan)

Madison Doucette (Candice Monhollan)

It took all of nine seconds for Unionville forward Madison Doucette to make a name for herself in the Girls Varsity division of the ICSHL.

She went on to score two more times while adding three assists as well for six points — in her first game of the season.

“(Doucette was one of) two kids that moved into the neighborhood,” said Unionville coach Dave Elvin. “We knew that she wanted to play ice hockey. You could tell in practice she was a strong player, but it really wasn’t until the first game where I could see her play the game. She skated from center ice and started the scoring for the season. That was how it went.”

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Not only was Doucette knew to the neighborhood and team, but she is also just a freshman.

“One time, she came down the ice and let loose a shot and it ripped right past the goaltender into the net underneath the crossbar,” Elvin said. “She barely stepped across the blue line. She’s a freshman! I don’t know many boys that would crank a shot that was that hard into the net. That was when I went, ‘Okay, we have something special here.’”

Unionville truly did have someone special on their team.

Doucette finished the season with 56 points — second best among all girls to only Michaela Caldwell of Conestoga.

Her 36 goals and 20 assists were also best among her teammates.

“She was a very balanced player,” Elvin said. “She was as apt to shoot the puck as she was to pass it and set up a teammate. She’s very unselfish that way. Her season-ending numbers were fairly well balanced that way as well.”

Sometimes a young player can focus a little too much on trying to pad their own stats with goals, but not Doucette.
In fact, she was quite the opposite.

“As a coach, I was just so appreciative. She’s a very humble kid who is just so driven to want to play the sport and get better and better every year. She’s very goal oriented also. She wants good things for the team. She’s very much team first. She’s a very mature kid and extremely polite. She’s just a real pleasure.”

Being new didn’t make a difference to Doucette’s teammates as she blended in with them in no time at all.

“She fit in so well with everybody,” Elvin said. “We’re fortunate to have a really strong team already, but then we added another player like Madison into the group. They were all very appreciative of what she could bring to the team. There were times where you can really rely on a player like Madison. She was willing to take that on. Everybody was just so willing to accept her and pull her right into the group.”

As she continues to mature as a player through her high school years, Doucette will have nowhere but up to go as a player and with her team.

“She’ll just continue to push herself,” Elvin said. “She is very dedicated. I know, with talking to her dad, that she goes out and shoots hundreds of pucks during the week. She continues to get stronger with her shot and accuracy. She pushes herself on the ice to work different moves.

“That whole work ethic is going to help influence the players around her as well. She’ll be part of the core and the leadership as the team grows.”


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