2 inducted into West Chester East Hall of Fame

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David Adams, Class of 1994, and Aimee Stokes, Class of 1993, were both inducted as the newest members of West Chester East High School’s Hall of Fame. (Candice Monhollan)

David Adams, Class of 1994, and Aimee Stokes, Class of 1993, were both inducted as the newest members of West Chester East High School’s Hall of Fame. (Candice Monhollan)

WEST GOSHEN — West Chester East High School proudly displays its Hall of Fame in the building and now it has two more names to add to the wall.

Aimee Stokes, a 1993 graduate, and David Adams, who graduated in 1994, were officially inducted April 15 during a ceremony at the school.

“This is quite an honor and I’m so happy to be here,” Stokes said in her speech. “It’s great to come back and see a lot of the wonderful teachers. You look the same and I’ve aged — a lot.”

To qualify, a nominee must have graduated from East at least 15 years ago.

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Stokes pursued a career in broadcast journalism and landed a job at ESPN as a production assistant as soon as she graduated from Syracuse University. Now, she’s post producer.

She credits her father, who passed away seven years ago, for helping guide her to something she enjoys doing.

“My father kept saying to me, ‘You have to wake up every day and you have to do something that you love because if you’re going to get up every day and do something you hate, then what’s the point? You might as well shoot for something to do that you’re going to love so you can be happy,’” Stokes said. “For me, I always loved sports and I was obsessed with television. Combining those two passions made absolute sense to me as a career. I’m really fortunate knowing I had the encouragement from my family to make that choice.”

During her time at ESPN, Stokes has won a Vision Award from the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications, a Gold World Medal from the New York Festivals Television & Film awards and a National Sports Emmy award as a Producer for Outstanding Live Event Sports Special.

“I can’t believe I get paid to do this,” Stokes said. “I think that’s exactly what my father was talking about. This would make him very proud.”

For Adams, life revolved around sports in high school. He received eight varsity letters over the four years, and landed a football scholarship to the College of William & Mary.

He then spent time in the Marine Corps, rising to the rank of captain. He has also developed and operated a series of retail-focused urgent care walk-in medical centers in the Boston area.

“It has been 20 years since I’ve walked the halls of the high school,” Adams said in his speech. “It reminds me that when I was in high school, I had a great head of hair. For many of you young men out there in the audience, 20 years from now, half of you will look like this, so enjoy it while you can.”

During his time at East, Adams was involved in football, lacrosse and wrestling, receiving MVP honors for football in 1993 and was the recipient of the Butch McDevitt award from the Daily Local News.

“Although much has changed, the core has remained the same,” he said. “This place teaches you a lot. The quality of the academics and the learning here prepared me for my time at William & Mary and later Dartmouth (College).”

Adams attributes teachers and coaches at East for helping guide him down the path he has taken.

“We all need mentors throughout our lives and East had and still has some of the best,” he said. “I would encourage each of you (students) to seek them out. If you take anything away from this, I hope you realize what is most important in your life, what drives you and what fuels you. That’s really the hard part to figure out.”

Both Adams and Stokes left the students in attendance with a piece of advice they hope will carry them forward into their adult lives.

“It all started with my father asking me those two simple questions: What do you want to do with your life? What is going to make you happy?” Stokes said. “I’m going to urge all of you to ask yourselves those two questions and keep asking yourself those questions. The answer isn’t just in what career you’re going to choose — it’s about choices you’re going to make throughout your entire life. When you do find the answers to those questions, your life is going to have passion, it’s going to have enthusiasm and it also will have moments and experiences you’re going to treasure forever. I urge all of you guys to enjoy your lives.”


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