Former Avon Grove hockey player wins Founder’s Cup

This article can be found published on the Southern Chester County Weeklies‘ website.
After winning the championship with Avon Grove High School, Billy Dixson went on to win the national D-III title in college. (Melissa Dixson)

After winning the championship with Avon Grove High School, Billy Dixson went on to win the national D-III title in college. (Melissa Dixson)

Just a year removed from a Delaware Scholastic Hockey Association (DSHA) championship with Avon Grove, Billy Dixson added another title to his collection April 5.

In his freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Dixson joined the D-III ice hockey team and found himself lifting the Founder’s Cup.

“It was one of the best feelings,” he said. “I’ve never been in a national championship before and freshman year, getting thrown in with all these guys, our first championship for Pitt-Greensburg out of the 51 years it’s been a college – it’s indescribable. It’s an overwhelming amount of joy and happiness.”

The Bobcats found themselves on the national stage for the first time in club history and faced off against the University of California-San Diego for the crown.

“That game was tough,” Dixson said. “It was a one-goal game for a while.”

They were able to skate away with the 2-0 shutout to not only win the Founder’s Cup, but also finish the season without a single loss in league play.

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“We also won the CIHA, which is the College Hockey East,” Dixson said. “That was what got us into the nationals.”

It was a bit of a rough start for the Bobcats this year as the team had a tough time finding a groove together.

“We didn’t really know each other and we really didn’t mesh well until the first couple of games,” Dixson said. “As soon as that hit, we followed the system and ended up winning all the games.”

Playing hockey for the school has been a positive distraction from classes, where he’s studying to become a pharmacist.

Dixson first picked up a hockey stick at a young age after watching his dad play for years.

“I’ve been playing hockey since I was 7,” he said. “My dad has always played hockey and I really wanted to play because I always heard about him. I always looked up to him to play.”

A 2013 Avon Grove graduate, Dixson decided on the University of Pittsburgh because of the sport.

“They have a good program,” he said. “I’m on their farm program right now. As soon as I heard you can play hockey, I was kind of just swept away by that.”

It has been a little bit of an adjustment for the defenseman in his first year of collegiate play.

“The pace of the game is a lot faster,” Dixson said. “The guys I’m playing with range from 18 to 23, so there’s quite a difference and maturity difference as well.”

But for his first season at that level, Dixson enjoyed the overall experience and being able to win two championships in two years.

“I had a lot fun,” he said. “We all meshed really well together. Hockey is just something I do and enjoy a lot. That’s led into everything we’ve accomplished as a team.”


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