Tentative contract in place to extend Sanville’s tenure as Superintendent

This article can be found published on the Southern Chester County Weeklies‘ website.
UCFSD Superintendent John Sanville. (The Kennett Paper)

UCFSD Superintendent John Sanville. (The Kennett Paper)

KENNETT SQUARE – A tentative agreement has been reached between the Unionville-Chadds Ford school board and Superintendent John Sanville on a successor contract for his ongoing employment.

“We recognize that Dr. Sanville’s efforts and that of his entire administrative team have served Unionville-Chadds Ford School District’s community at an exemplary level,” said Board President Victor Dupuis.

The contract will start his salary at $210,000 and will increase yearly at a rate of the Act I index, he will receive an increase in paid vacation days from 25 to 30 and a dollar-for-dollar match on payments toward a retirement plan not to exceed $700 per month or $8,400 annually.

“This agreement will place Dr. Sanville’s compensation at a fair value relative to his performance and comparable districts in the area,” Dupuis said.

The contract, once voted for approval in the February meeting, will kick in Sep. 1, 2014, and last until Aug. 31, 2018.

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Until that time, the board will post all details of the contract online for the public to read and will be open for comments.

UHS Rowing

Students and parents came out in force to represent the rowing club, which was up for a vote at the meeting.

Thirteen students rose in unison when the topic was announced and 11 of those approached the microphone to give a brief one or two line comment on the positives of having a team at the high school.

There was concern among a couple of the board members on how students struggling financially would be able to join the club, which will receive no funding from the district. A note was also made about the various other clubs out there, such as gymnastics, which are also not a part of the school either.

But in the end, the board did vote to approve the rowing club as the newest sport at Unionville High School, which was met by applause from the entire audience.

“It’s a great sport and it’s fantastic that we can give this many opportunities for our kids to participate in,” Sanville said. “It’s something that has been asked of several times, but it had velocity this time.”

School calendar

The school calendar for the 2014-15 year was approved by the board.

There are some changes for students, parents and teachers to recognize after having a winter this year which has dumped so much snow on the area and caused many closures, extending the school year into the summer even more.

Also because the district has been known to have flood days as well, it was decided to devise a new plan with making up the closed days.

“The first two makeup days for this proposed calendar for 2014-15 are Monday, Dec. 22 and Tuesday, Dec. 23,” Sanville said.

Those two makeup days for a flood closure in the fall would be the first two days of winter break for the students.

National school board month

January is National School Board Month and Dr. Sanville and the Pennsylvania School Boards Association recognized two members for their eight years of service.

Both Jeff Hellrung and Keith Knauss received plaques commemorating their long-time services to the board and district.

Spanish exchange

The board approved the Spanish exchange program for the 2014-15 school year at Unionville High School.

Students from Spain will spend a week at Unionville during the fall of 2014 and students from Unionville will in turn spend a week in Spain over spring break in 2015.

The cost per student at Unionville who want to take part in the trip will be $2,200.


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