Phoenixville community members to roast Kunsch

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Dick Kunsch will be roasted on April 13. Proceeds from the event will benefit Phoenixville Healthcare Access Foundation. (PHAF)

Dick Kunsch will be roasted on April 13. Proceeds from the event will benefit Phoenixville Healthcare Access Foundation. (PHCAF)

If you don’t know Dick Kunsch, you must not be from Phoenixville.

Kunsch, who was born, raised, works and still lives in the area, will be the brunt of jokes come April 13 when he will be roasted by friends, family and coworkers in a fundraiser for Phoenixville Healthcare Access Foundation.

The event will be held at Columbia Station in Phoenixville from 6 to 11 p.m. Limited tickets are still available. Call the Phoenixville Healthcare Access Foundation at 610-935-3165 for tickets.

PHCAF was established in 2005 to help bring healthcare services to people who are under- or uninsured in the Phoenixville area.

“We provide healthcare access in the areas of dental, vision and prescriptions for people,” said Janet Hunter, one of the members of the committee working on the event. “We also provide free mammograms.”

Kunsch is chairman of the board for PHCAF and is all for raising money for the foundation.

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“If accomplishes its purpose, then I would be willing to take all the jokes and comments in the world,” Kunsch said. “They’re not throwing spears or daggers at me. It’s all just words. I’m willing to take the words.”

The planning of the event has been in the works since last year, but Kunsch had been kept in the dark as to what specifically was being planned.

It wasn’t until four months ago when he found out it was to be a roast and he was the target.

“It was a hush-hush thing,” Kunsch said. “I found out what it was because several people said to me, ‘Oh, we’re going to have fun roasting you.’”

Along with being PHCAF’s chairman, Kunsch is also CEO/Vice Chairman of the Phoenixville Federal Bank and Trust, so it comes as no surprise that he is the subject for the roast.

“He’s a Phoenxville legend,” Hunter said. “Kunsch has been the president of our board since the inception. That’s why we decided to do a roast and toast with him.”

The roasters all have personal connections with Kunsch, which is why they were chosen.

Despite being the subject of the roast, Kunsch is looking forward to the event, though he may have a strategy to prepare for it.

“I’ll just have a few cocktails before it starts,” Kunsch said. “That will soften me up.”


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