In-game blog: Game 17 – Reading Royals vs South Carolina Stingrays

Royals celebrate their 10th consecutive win. (Candice Monhollan)

Royals another win. (Candice Monhollan)


Royals win 5-4 over the Stingrays and make franchise history with 10 consecutive wins.


Round 5: REA Stanislav Galiev – save, SC Chris Langkow – save (3-2 REA)

Round 4: REA Yannick Tifu – goal, SC Daniel Koger – goal (3-2 REA)

Round 3: REA Denny Urban – goal, SC Tyler McNeely – save (2-1 REA)

Round 2: REA David Marshall – goal, SC Hunter Bishop – miss (1-1)

Round 1: REA Evan Barlow – save, SC Matthew Pistilli – goal (1-0 SC)


1:56 – Brett Flemming tries for a home run pass, but ices the puck instead. Royals call a timeout.


0:00 – Game timed at 4. Lone goal from Tommy Cross. Shots in the period were 12-9 in favor of the Stingrays and 28-25 overall in favor of the Stingrays.

41.1 – Stingrays call a timeout after icing the puck.

2:45 – All even on the ice. No goals from either side.

4:45 – Interference minor to Tyler McNeely. 4-on-4 hockey for 1:49.

4:54 – Slashing minor to Stanislav Galiev. Stingrays power play.

5:54 – Philipp Grubauer comes up huge with a save and swat of the rebound out of harm’s way.

8:50 – Evan Barlow going for the hat trick with a shot from one knee, but Adam Morrison slides over to make the save.

9:04 – GOAL: Tommy Cross goes up top on Philipp Grubauer. Assist to Hunter Bishop. Game tied at 4.

11:52 – Hunter Bishop trying for his second of the net when he breaks a defender and takes a shot on Philipp Grubauer, but he comes up with another big save.

13:26 – Philipp Grubauer with another key save to keep the Royals in the lead.

14:52 – Royals barely stay alive as the puck squeaks just outside the net and Philipp Grubauer’s outstretched leg.

16:05 – First shot of the period comes from the Stringrays. Royals trying to hold on and make franchise history.

19:02 – Royals kill the penalty to Dustin Stevenson.

20:00 – Stingrays start with 57 seconds of power play time remaining from the slashing minor to Dustin Stevenson.


0:00 – Period comes to an end with the Royals leading 4-3 off goals from Evan Barlow, Chris Langkow, Shawn Weller and Hunter Bishop. Shots in the period were 12-9 in favor of the Stingrays and 17-16 overall in favor of the Stingrays.

1:02 – Slashing minor to Dustin Stevenson. Stingrays power play.

1:34 – GOAL: Hunter Bishop with a goal from the right circle. Assists from Ryan Turek and Tommy Cross. 4-3 Royals lead.

2:16 – GOAL: Evan Barlow undresses a defenseman and Adam Morrison with some to restore the two-goal lead. Assists from Adam Comrie and David Marshall. 4-2 Royals lead.

2:27 – GOAL: Shawn Weller with a rocket on one knee. Assists from Matthew Pistilli and Chris Langkow. 3-2 Royals lead.

4:20 – Royals spent solid time in the Stringrays end, which finished with a rip from Adam Comrie, but Adam Morrison with the save.

9:18 – Royals kill the penalty to Evan Barlow.

11:18 – Slashing minor to Evan Barlow. Stingrays power play.

12:19 – GOAL: Former Royals Chris Langkow gets his fourth of the season to end Philipp Grubauer’s bid at his first shutout of the season. Assists to Matthew Pistilli and Kevin Quick. 3-1 Royals lead.

12:52 – GOAL: Brett Flemming with a massive hit to free the puck in the corner and Denny Urban gets the goal. Barry Almeida gets the assist. 3-0 Royals lead.

14:56 – Once again, no goal on the power play for the Royals.

16:56 – Interference minor to Luka Vidmar. Royals power play.

17:30 – Evan Barlow trying for his second goal of the night with some fancy stick work, but the shot was turned aside by Adam Morrison.


0:00 – Period comes to an end with the Royals leading 2-0 off goals from Kirk MacDonald and Evan Barlow. Shots are 7-5 in favor of the Royals.

1:47 – Scary bounce off the boards behind the Royals net as Philipp Grubauer came out to play it. Puck hits the post on an empty net but doesn’t go in.

3:31 – Royals kill the extra penalty to Kirk MacDonald.

4:13 – Great sliding pad save from Philipp Grubauer during the Stingrays power play.

5:31 – Bryant Molle ridden into the boards hard by Alexandre Beauregard. Kirk MacDonald drops the gloves with him in response. Beauregard gets five for fighting and MacDonald given two for roughing and five for fighting. Stingrays power play.

7:16 – GOAL: Evan Barlow scores as soon as the power play expires. Assist to David Marshall. 2-0 Royals lead.

7:25 – Nothing going for the Royals as the power play ends.

9:25 – Boarding minor to Ryan Turek. Royals power play.

10:03 – Royals successfully kill the penalty to Stanislav Galiev.

11:30 – Stingrays finally registers its first shot of the game, coming on the power play.

12:03 – Slashing minor to Stanislav Galiev. Stingrays power play.

13:16 – GOAL: Kirk MacDonald scores sixth of the season from the top of the right circle. Royals lead 5-0 in shots and 1-0 in the game. Assists to Ian O’Connor and Bryant Molle.

15:54 – Stingrays ice the puck. Frantic pace to start the game.

17:45 – Philipp Grubauer uncharacteristically out of position and almost costs the Royals. Lucky the puck bounced around and never crossed the line.

19:25 – Royals already with two shots on net with one close to going in on Adam Morrison.

Starting Lineups:
Reading – Philipp Grubauer, Patrick Wellar, Brett Flemming, Kirk MacDonald, Ian O’Connor and Ethan Cox
South Carolina – Adam Morrison, Tommy Cross, Damon Kipp, Hunter Bishop, Tyler McNeely and Daniel Koger

Reading – Brock Shelgren, Julien Cayer, David Civitarese and Scott Wietecha

South Carolina – Ryan Lowery, Mike Hamilton, Andrew Cherniwchan, Tyler Johnson and Dylan Clarke

The Royals are attempting to set a franchise record tonight with their 10th consecutive win. They’ve only won nine in a row twice before this season in 1994 and 2004.

Four members of the Royals were with South Carolina last season: Philipp Grubauer, Patrick Wellar, Brett Flemming and Dustin Stevenson.

Chris Langkow is wearing No. 10 with South Carolina after being traded by the Royals a couple weeks ago.


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