West Philadelphia: One Brick Philly helping non-profits in the city

This article was written for my Philadelphia Neighborhoods class at Temple University and is published on its website.

By Candice Monhollan, Audra Neff-Williams and Mike Polinsky

Ajay Joshi was one of 10 volunteers from One Brick Philly helping Books Through Bars. (Candice Monhollan)

Ajay Joshi was one of 10 volunteers from One Brick Philly helping Books Through Bars. (Candice Monhollan)

Finding volunteers for an event may prove difficult for some non-profit organizations, but it’s no longer a problem with One Brick Philly around.

One Brick Philly is a volunteer organization that sends their members out to events to fill spots for other groups who need it.

“Every week, we’ve got one or two events,” said Ajay Joshi, the event manager with One Brick Philly. “We worked with Philabundance once, where we were putting together food for homeless people. We do a variety of different things.”

One Brick Philly makes its presence known in West Philadelphia as well with their help to Books Through Bars.

“[Here], we’re packaging books for people in prison,” Joshi said.

The One Brick organization, as a whole, is nation-wide with chapters throughout in different cities. Philadelphia does not have an established chapter, but they are working toward the goal.

This doesn’t mean they are short on volunteers since they are close to 400 members. For now, they plan events to attend through Meetup.com.

“So far we’ve been going out and finding organizations, but what we’re trying to do is once we establish a chapter here, we’ll be able to get them to come to us also,” Joshi said.


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