2011 All-Star mock draft

Down Goes Spezza and the Queen of Dekes, two Philadelphia Flyers bloggers, are going to head-to-head in their 2011 All-Star Mock Draft. Winner gets the bragging rights and loser has to buy a coffee (because we all know writers live on coffee).

Down Goes Spezza won the coin toss and selected to be Team Staal. The Queen of Dekes is Team Lidstrom.

In little under an hour, our All-Star Draft was complete. Below are the results. Who do you think came out on top?

ASG_Draft_Mock_Draft*Click to enlarge

Check back during the SuperSkills and All-Star Game to see up-to-date point totals and see who the winner is.

After the SuperSkills Competition, the Queen of Dekes won 48-44 over Down Goes Spezza.

After the All-Star Game, the Queen of Dekes won 45-35 over Down Goes Spezza.

When all was said and done, the Queen of Dekes won the All-Star Weekend, 93-79, over fellow blogger Down Goes Spezza. Looks like he’ll have to dig up some change for that coffee.


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