A tribute to Gagne: Flyers fans speak

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Flyers fans send their well wishes to Simon Gagne. (Daylife.com)

Flyers fans send their well wishes to Simon Gagne. (Daylife.com)

Stats and huge goals from Gagne’s career as a Flyer may tell you one part of the story, but it wouldn’t tell you how much fans adored him. What better way to describe their feelings than to let them talk themselves:

“At [the Flyers] Wives Carnival a few years ago, Simon was walking down the steps after signing in his booth. Not sure where he was headed, but he had this big security escort. There were two kids, maybe 8 or 9, standing in front of me and they asked Simon for an autograph. Security tried to push the kids out of the way. Simon stopped in his tracks, turned to the security guys and said, ‘I’ve got time for two more.’ Might not seem like a big deal to some, but the kids were pretty happy. Just showed, to me anyhow, the guy cares about the fans.” –Seth H.

“My favorite Gagne memory is the overtime game winner in Game 6 of the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals versus the Lightning.” –Eric R.

“[My favorite memory was] meeting him in ‘00 and him being the most humble budding star ever.” –Dylan M.

“[My favorite moments were] the times that I have seen him in person to talk to him for more than 10 minutes (Charity Golf tournaments where I drove him around all day for the past two years, Flyers Wives Carnival, etc.) [and] when he scored the overtime goals in the Tampa series and Boston series. Also when I asked him for a puck at the game when he was on the bench and he got off the bench, back onto the ice and grabbed a puck for me and handed it too passed the glass.” –Brooke F.

“I have two favorite Simon Gagne memories. I’m sure they are the favorite memories of every Flyers fan. The first one was his overtime goal in Game 6 of the 2004 Eastern Conference Final. That season was the first I really followed the Flyers and up until this past playoff run, that was my favorite Flyers game I have ever seen. I watch it at least three times throughout the season as motivation. Simon Gagne and that team gave everything they had. The second memory is an obvious one. All I have to say is ‘Game 7.’ Everyone knows what I am talking about. Never in my life have I seen a team with so much heart and determination. Simon Gagne started the comeback in Game 4 of the 2010 Conference Semis and he finished the comeback in Game 7. Without Simon Gagne, the Flyers may have been swept out of the second round, but instead they went all the way to within two wins of a Stanley Cup.” –Alicia S.

“A couple of years ago, I was granted the honor of going down outside of the Flyers locker room to await the team leaving after a game. There were several of us in a line behind a rope waiting for the players. Of course, there I am with the ‘slightly gray hair’ and pins all over my jersey. Of course there were some very attractive younger ladies that were also there and some were friends of the players. When I saw the other people, I thought I didn’t have a chance of the players actually stopping and talking to me, an ‘old lady’ compared to the rest. Simon Gagne was always a favorite of mine, so much so that I wear a gold No. 12 charm necklace all the time. You never see me without it. When the players started to come out of the locker room, some stopped to sign autographs and since I was standing near the front, I was able to get them to sign too. They were all nice and smiled as they were signing but very few spoke very much. When Simon came out, I was as nervous as a little girl and my smile was ear to ear. I looked up at him and asked him for an autograph on my jersey and he smiled and said, ‘Sure!’ I told him that he was one of my favorite players and he thanked me and started to admire all the pins on my jersey. He actually took the time to look at some of them and saw one of him that had his picture and number on it and said that he was flattered that I would wear something with his face on it. He was so nice and cordial, and even at my age, I thought I was going to faint. I told him that I am at every game and love the Flyers and he laughed and said, ‘So do I.’ It was one of the best nights of my life.” –Debbie C.

“I don’t think that any other player on the Flyers will have secured a place in our hearts as much as Simon Gagne has. Any Flyers fan that you talk to will have a memory or a story about him that could melt your heart. My favorite memory of Simon Gagne is a recent one. I was present at Game 4 of the Boston series and seeing Gagne score the overtime winner after fighting a foot injury just made me love him even more. To see him start the comeback and finish the comeback is just an amazing feat by him and the entire team. For the first time in that whole series I could breathe after Game 7. He’s a player that is filled with so much heart and is so dedicated that his spot on the roster will never be replaced. All the best to him, his family and his new team that will fall in love with him just as fast as we did.” –Heather M.

“The 2004 playoffs [and] his overtime game-winning goal against Tampa Bay was my fondest memory of him. The reason how he became my favourite NHLer. That goal gave me the chills.” –Dave L.

“I think it was in one of his first years. The Flyers played the Sens at home and he shot it from the red line past the Sens goalie for a goal. No one knew it was in. He went to the bench for a change and heard the horn go off. That’s a memory I have of him.” –Dennis C.

After spending so many years in the Orange & Black, fans have nothing but kind words for Gagne for all the hard work and heart he put into the team:

“Thank you for everything – for having do much heart, for working so hard, for sticking with us even when we weren’t the best team and for just being an all-around classy guy.” –Heather M.

“I would like to wish Simon all the best of luck with Tampa Bay. He is the type of player that you would want to see succeed. He is just such a good guy. He plays with his heart on his sleeve. And it helps that he is a natural goal scorer and an absolutely wonderful two-way player. He is a guy that you want to see win the Stanley Cup. He, himself, wants it so badly. And I hope that he reaches that goal. He really deserves it. Simon gave Flyers fans 10 memorable years and I know he will give Tampa Bay some great memories to cherish forever.” –Alicia S.


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