DCCC’s new Quidditch team falls to the Canadians in inaugural game

This article can be found published in the May 5, 2010, issue of Delaware County Community College’s newspaper, “The Communitarian.”

(Boston University)

(Boston University)

Delaware County Community College debuted its new team Monday in front of a crowd of about 200 students.

The DCCC Phantoms Quidditch team faced off against the Canadian national Quidditch team, who went 5-8 with 4,260 points last year.

“We were a little shocked we were facing a national team for our first game,” said Warren Teaze, the captain of the team. “But we are the only college team in the country, so I guess it does make sense. We knew it was going to be a tough test for us.”

And a tough test it was for the team in its inaugural season.

The Phantoms played well, keeping the score close, but Canada was able to secure the win when their seeker, Lisa Carr, was able to find and capture the golden snitch. The Canadians won the game, 380-270.

The game was fast-paced and exciting with both teams having good scoring chances on either end. The keepers tried to out-do each other, but both kept coming up with big saves.

“I just tried to focus on the quaffle and make sure they couldn’t pull any fast ones over me,” said Howie Sitgoin, the Phantom’s keeper. “I could see how well their keeper was playing, and I just tried to keep our team in the game as best I could.”

An hour into the game, the score was 120-70 in favor of Canada, when Dingle Berry, one of Canada’s seekers, took a buldger to the face. The Canadian team called a time-out while they patched up Berry’s face. He suffered a broken nose and a black eye.

The Canadian team was at a disadvantage with one of their star seekers now unable to see as clearly and the Phantoms took advantage, taking a 250-230 lead after two hours of play.

However, it would not be enough.

Carr, hovering near the ceiling, was able to spot the golden snitch flying around the Phantoms’ left goal hoop. She raced downwards and was able to grab the snitch before Phantoms’ seeker, Treasa Green, had time to react.

“She beat me,” Green said. “I don’t know how she spotted it from all the way up there. I mean, I was only about five-feet from the snitch and I never saw it.”

Carr’s capture of the snitch secured the Canadians 150 points, putting them ahead of the Phantoms and ending the game.

Game Notes:

  • DCCC has become the first college in the United States to form a Quidditch team.
  • Cal Q. Later, Phantom’s beater, registered thirty bludger hits on the Canadians.
  • Teaze scored 70 points, the most on the team.
  • The team will be fundraising the next two months to send them to England to play in a tournament featuring Hogwarts.
  • The new Quidditch pitch, unlike those across England, is built inside the new S.T.E.M. building, which is part of the reason why the majority of students have no cell phone reception. “We decided to build the pitch inside so that none of the balls could get loose and wreak havoc across the Delaware Valley,” said Susan Broomsfield, head coach of the team. “Because it’s indoors, all the magic needed for the team is contained inside, causing problems with cell reception. We’re aware of the problem, but all the professors are quite fond of not having the interruptions in class, so we decided to let it go.”

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